The Process

From Startup to Launch

Here is our website process in 7 simple steps.

  • Step 1 — Sharing the Vision

    Our website process starts here. Above all else, connecting with us and sharing your vision, your goals for your website, and the purpose of your website is the most important because if we do not understand the vision for the business, we cannot build your website and tech to meet that vision.
    P.S. Learning and hearing about your brand and vision is basically our favorite part!

    In this meeting, we will discuss all aspects of your business and what tech will be required to deliver on your business needs. An e-commerce site has a lot more moving parts than a personal brand site! Your startup website needs to be as unique as your vision and ideas, because of this we will carefully layout what tech will be required and ensure it all connects together.

    After this initial meeting, we will put together a proposal based on the information given. If both parties are in agreement, we will sign the proposal and then we can start working together on the following steps.

  • Step 2 — Share your branding.

    While we don’t specialize in brand creation, we have put together some free resources to help get you started. You will want to either choose colors, the look, and the feel of your brand or send us examples of what you are looking for and we can work together to get agreement on the desired brand and feel. This step is generally where you would either share your brand board or start creating a brand board for your business.

    Selecting fonts can be quite the decision. At this point, you would share with us fonts you’ve chosen or if you need help getting a few choices together we can do that as well.

  • Step 3 — Select a website template

    Choose a website “style” from our templates. While you might be thinking, “Whoa, a template, no I don’t want my website to look like everyone else’s website!”, it’s not like that at all. The “templates” we refer to are simply the skeleton and structure of the website. Within that template, we can have some freedom to stylize and design.

    Read more HERE about our template work.

  • Step 4 — Engineering begins!

    This is where the bulk of our time comes into play. We will set up hosting, link your domain, add all of our plugins, and lay the framework of all the tech.

    Additionally, at this step, we will build out a skeleton of your website design with placeholder copy and images and add all of your branding elements like color, fonts, etc. 

    Images will be dependant on you. Personally taken photos are best, but depending on the function and purpose of the website, stock images are fine. (We used stocked image throughout the RekotTech website.)

    Once the basic skeleton is laid out we will review together.
    This will be a live video demonstration of how everything is structured and we can discuss any custom design and changes at that time.

  • Step 5 — Flight Prep and System Checks

    We will reconnect with you to go over all the areas that require page copy. (you really don’t do not want us to write you’re your page copy—we were the kids in English class eagerly waiting for Math or Science class)

    Translation: Please don’t ask us to write page copy. This part of the process is up to you. We discuss this in step one, so do not worry. We won’t surprise you with anything. Step 1 takes the longest when it comes to having a website and tech set up because the foundation needs to be solid before we can start to build!

  • Step 6 — Mobility

    With much of the world living on their cell phones, every site we build here is optimized for mobile phones, tablets, and all kinds of personal computers. Once the desktop version of the website is fully complete, no image or design changes remaining, we will ensure the site looks and functions well on all devices.

  • rekottechicon-blue

    Step 7 — Launch!

    Finally, once images and copy are in place, we will do yet another review your site. During this stage, we will edit and modify any page copy or images (only minor structural changes in this step please – all major edits should have been completed in Step 5)

    Review (check all links and functions). Polish (clean up the small stuff). And… Launch.

    This will end up being your favorite step as you experience having your website launched!

Must-Haves in Our Website Process for a Successful Launch

Within our website process, there are optional items and then there are must-have items. Below you will find two must-have items that are included in every website process tree.

1) Security

People attempt to hack into websites, even more so startup websites where security is often overlooked. 
Even just for the sake of removing your website and replacing with a page that says “momsbasementboy3456 hacked this”.
Yes. It happens.

All of that being said, however, all websites built by RekotTech have built in security so you can have peace of mind.

2) Scheduled Backups

Website plugins constantly require updates.
Keeping your site updated will improve on features and security of your website, however, things can break and get “messed up” when updates occur.

Regularly scheduled backups protect you and your site from losing important information and data if an update causes conflict with something on your website.


During step 1 of our website process, we will determine all of the tech items required for your website launch. We know that not everyone needs or wants all the bells and whistles and you should only have to pay for them if you decide to. We strive to make your entire website tech selectable.

If you don’t need payment processing. No problem, it can easily be left out.
3 months after launching your website, you need a marketing funnel implemented, again, no problem.

Everything about our website process is tailored to provide you with ultimate choice over everything. 

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

What is it?: 
SEO is search engine optimization. When someone goes to all-powerful Google and types in “custom made doggie clothing”… does your website show up on page 10 of Google or the first page or first few pages?  SEO is all about bumping you higher in the search results, higher up in the search results = more business.

SEO is complex.
Ranking higher and higher on search engines depends on quite a few things.
– Speed of website and hosting (we take care of that for you)
– How easy is it for clients (and search engines) to read your content and understand it
– Do you have broken links and if yes, do they redirect where they need to go? (this won’t be an issue with RekotTech sites)
– Does your content have “keywords” (key-words that point search engines to what it is you do)
– and the list goes on… it’s a big job!

Many website building companies call this a “must-have”. You get it in the quote and they do the work for it. It is wise to have it, yes, as someone searching for your service or product will have a greater chance of seeing it on Google and other search engines. 

But when is SEO not needed? The honest truth is that basic SEO should be done on every site. But often you won’t need it when 100% of your business is direct referrals.
If you are reading this, and you were not referred to me… then the basic SEO I have on my site is working. 

Having SEO as an optional add-on allows us to serve you where you are at.
It can always be added later and improved upon.

The basics like site speed and proper working links will be already taken care of during the building process.

Analytics and Tracking

Depending on where your business is at you might not even be thinking about tracking or optimizing just yet.
You may be at the point where you simply need a web presence and intend to start there. 

With the Analytics Add-on, you decide when you start paying for this service.

Don’t fall for the “we include Analytics on every site” that many developers try to add to their proposals. Yes, sure… they install Google Analytics on your site.
It takes 15min to do…  it’s that easy for a developer.

What isn’t discussed is the work it will take to discover and set up tracking goals and designing your analytics to follow your clients throughout your website.
Setting up that part is a lot of work, and delivering it to you in an understandable way is even more so.

Want to know exactly how many people land on your webinar sign up page?
How many actually sign up? And whether anyone from that webinar purchased? 
This is what Analytics and Tracking are referred to when you have a website set up by us.

It’s not about just installing a code on your site that gives you 1000 lines of data to sift through… it’s about setting it up in a way that you can easily understand and follow.

Payment Processing and a Storefront

Our experience and knowledge in this area revolve around WooCommerce and it’s developer functions. We can easily work with other systems, however, we suggest this one for the greatest flexibility. Plus it syncs well with the Customer Relationship Management system we recommend.

CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

What is it? Do you need it?

Based on our initial discussion of your vision and goals for your website we will answer these questions (and more!). A CRM is important if you want to automate a lot of your communication with your clients. (automation doesn’t mean impersonal!)

Custom Marketing Automations

While we know a lot about marketing and are constantly learning, we are also honest. 
We aren’t time-tested marketing geniuses but we know our automation of them.

We will take your ideas and visions and turn them into execution and application.

Our strength around marketing is being aware that the simpler you make it for your clients, the easier it is to convert. That’s what we do.

Maintenance Packages

Websites, unfortunately, aren’t a setup and forget type of thing. Well, they can be, but those are the sites that are usually vulnerable to security threats and are generally the website that you go to that you say “oh, this looks broken” you close the page and try the next one down on the Google search.

We have two versions of a maintenance package.

1) A bundled purchase of tutorials + access to maintenance request forms.
(no these aren’t pre-recorded tutorials, we will record new tutorials specifically for your website).

This first option is for those who are interested in managing their own site and systems.

2) An on-going monthly membership that puts you in the top priority queue for new page development, maintenance, page and system updates, backup management, enhancements to marketing funnels, etc. This will be VIP treatment when anything you need arises.

There is a limitation to the total # of hours per month, but we can tailor this service price and size to your needs.

This second option is for those who don’t want the hassle of working in the backend system of their website. They just want to submit a request and have it completed for them. Easy. 

We will discuss in the initial stages of our website process what will work the best for you.

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