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We work with templated sites, but it’s not what you think…

Why templated sites?

Templated sites have major advantages over non-templated sites.

  • 1) Proven to Convert

    We do not need to reinvent the wheel when there are already proven converting pages available on the web. We take the overall structure of these types of pages and use that as a template. 
    Simply add your images and words to the page and it moves along much faster!
    Small tweaks can be made, but the time to do so is much less than building from scratch.

  • 2) Cost

    Creating web pages from nothing can take a long time depending on your website.
    Templates allow for quick implementation of your pages – saving you money.

  • 3) Flexible

    Although they are “templates”, there is always something to fit your brand and style.
    All templates can be modified and things added or removed.

  • 4) User-Friendly

    What if you have the skills and know-how to set up your own pages? Or you have the desire and willingness to learn?

    Our templated systems pair with in-depth tutorials allow you to create your own pages if you choose to do so. Everything, from setting up a marketing campaign, setting up a new page, and creating a subscribe form, has been simplified for your use.

    Yes, we do allow the option to have your site managed, maintain, and future items you may require all taken care of by our team. But these systems we’ve created allow us to offer both options to you!

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Here is a sample of what we are capable of:

Most Commonly Asked Questions:

A common place where your questions are answered.

How soon can I have a website set up?

There are a few thousand answers to this question. We would first need to discuss what type of website you are looking for, the goals of the website and your business, and the purpose of your website and business. 

Out of respect for your time, and ours, we stick very closely to the set timelines. If you require additions to your project, we can discuss whether an extension of the scope is required or whether we can complete the current project and add onto it after it has been completed.

Websites can take anywhere from 1-10weeks depending on your size and scope of the project. 

How much do you charge for a website?

Similar to the “how long will it take?” question, there are a few thousand answers to this question as well. Things that factor into price are:
– Number of pages
– Function and features of the site
– How many functions and features are added during the process
– Custom design elements vs. templated elements will change the cost.

Basic website packages start around $1800. But if you need something really simple we can discuss that too. It all depends on what you want!

Why don’t you have set prices?

Our main goal is to make websites simple and affordable for all. Different clients have different needs. If your website is a simple information site with a contact form, you shouldn’t pay anywhere near someone who requires a complete E-Commerce website created.

Prices are therefore set by the size and scope of your project.

Will Template Sites Make My Website Look Like Everyone Else’s?

Not at all. We don’t template the style, colors, and branding of a website. We template the layout, flow, function, and conversion points of a website. 

Believe it or not. Our entire RekotTech website is based on page and section templates.
This FAQ section was dragged onto the page and then each section was modified and redesigned to match the branding.

This entire website was also built in less than a week!

I have an existing brand and tech that I’d like to update, do you do this?

We approach this on a case-by-case basis and my decision is made based on what amount of work would be required to do so.

The tech we’ve selected is for complete compatibility, scalability, security, and cost-effectiveness… so if it works to use your tech and integrate our way of doing things, by all means, yes, we can definitely work together!

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